4.12.04 What's new Right Now?
the Street Voyeur
(running all month long) Update
Well ladies and boys so it has started with today's update. One of the best series ever to be posted. The street voyeur series is full of down right raunchy behavior caught on HiFi pics. All of the pics from this series are crisp and seriously one of a kind. From house wives to college girls just when they thought no one would document their dumbest, drunkest moments at night clubs and bars guess who did? You have to see this pictures. If you are a true voyeur or exhibitionist, you can't afford to miss it.  Join Now and start viewing in seconds and for weeks. In this update you will see the most unlikely people engaged in the most embarrassing  sexual behavior.

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Today (4.12.04) there is one featured gallery in the member's area. 
One of the most viewed galleries makes a comeback. 
Check out these 2 babes were putting on a show and About Voyeur - Te Premier Voyeur Site managed to get it all on hifi pics. 

Another to say the least block-buster body at the About Voyeur - Te Premier Voyeur Site member galleries. This is one of those amazingly sculptured bodies that was photographed and documented very well. This will have to be one of those young bodies that will get a perfect 10. By all means do not miss the massive updates on the members area, from the featured gallery to the awesome blue bikini gallery. 

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Quite possibly the most viewed series to date since the site started. The picture on the left is from what could possible be the most successful set of pictures ever gathered. Incredible body + Drunk hotties = the best gallery ever. 

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